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This team has not been activated, activating this team will unlock the following advantages,
  • Advanced player statistics - see where everyone stands within the team.
  • Player profiles - upload pictures of your team and store contact details.
  • Table rater - have people rate and review your table on factors such as size, levelness, space around it etc.
  • Team counter - see how many people are looking at your team.
  • Team messageboard - allow others to congratulate/commiserate on your games and generally communicate/banter with you.
  • Admin Panel - your very own admin panel to update your player details and keep track of results.
  • Game breakdown - clicking a game in the results page will show a breakdown of who played and won in the game.
  • (Coming soon) Team and player records - view the biggest winning/losing streak and highest/lowest percentage of your players.
Activating costs just 6 per season, when you consider the average team has 8 players, this equates to 75p per player, an absolute bargain for your teams own piece of the internet!

Please note - you will need to have the results of all your previous games (including who played and won/lost) in the active season to gain the full benefit of activation as you are the person in control of the statistics through the very simple to use admin panel.

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